Antonia Ally Joins Difficult Discussion on EndSars; Issues, Regrets and Lessons.

Direction of thought for the panelists concerning the #ENDSARS webinar series

In view of the webinar series organised by SING-Nigeria to unravel lessons learnt, issues and regrets emerging from the protest about a year since it happened, all panelists are respectfully encouraged to critically examine the discourse but with specific focus on key sub-themes.

List of Panelists and Areas of Focus

Jaye-Gaskia (Researcher and Human Right Activist)

• Democracy and Good Governance

• Institutional Reform; Police, Judiciary, health among others

Mojeed Alabi (Premium Times)

• Media and youth organising

Obianuju Iloanya (Social Activist)

• Police and Human Right Abuses/Violations

Antonia Ally (The How Foundation)

• Strategies for Civic and Youth Engagement In Democratic Societies

Edward Zabee

The shrinking civil space and organizing strategies for future mobilizing

Leo Dasilva

Social media and youth mobilization vis-à-vis government suspension of twitter