Social Good Lagos and The HOW Foundation #SGLHOWMALARIA

Social Good Lagos teamed with The HOW Foundation on the World Malaria Day (April 25th) Social Media Initiative; #ZeroMalariaStartsWithMe. The HOW Foundation engaged in a twitter chat with Social Good and their followers, these are the questions and replies given.

Q1. Tell us about HOW Foundation? What does its scope of work include? @HOWFoundationNG #SGLHOWMALARIADay

Replying to @SocialGoodLagos

A1a. Since it is #WorldMalariaDay, let focus on our malaria efforts. We distribute anti-malaria relief items to extremely poor communities as well as low-income earning communities,

A1b. We educate the people on the proper use of these items such as the mosquito nets and anti-malaria drugs and we teach them correct personal and environmental hygiene habits that aid in deterring the bites from malaria-carring mosquitos.

Q2: How does @HOWFoundationNG empower communities to take ownership of malaria prevention and care? #SGLHOWMALARIADay #WorldMalariaDay

Replying to @SocialGoodLagos

A2a: The teach a man to fish method. We distribute mosquito nets and malaria medicines to communities but as an NGO there is a limit to our funding, we wish we could provide to every citizen. But what we do is ...

A2b. We source for "original" and affordable nets and medicines, we take our time to educate the people (in their local dialect) on the importance of the proper use of these materials in helping them prevent/cure malaria and we advice them on correct sourcing

A2c: The education is key because people then know how much it costs, how to use them, how effective they are and they become independent in providing these materials to themselves and eventually assist us in spreading the education to others.

Q3: Urgent action is needed to get the global response to malaria back on track, how do you think we can achieve SDG goal 3, to ensure healthy lives in Nigeria? #SGLHOWMALARIADay #WorldMalariaDay

A3a. I believe the only way Good health and Wellbeing can be achieved in Nigeria is to bridge the "social gap", we need to stop looking down on people and thinking we are better than others, we must see ourselves as one community

A3b. those of us who were privileged to school abroad and be a part of a functioning and harmonious society should impact their knowledge on those who didn't have that privilege. You can't expect to achieve Good Health and Wellbeing from a people who have only

A3c. known bad health and suffering their whole life. And we that know how to achieve such many times feel we are too "big" to engage with less privilege. #ZeroMalariaStartsWithMe

Q4: Do you think Zero malaria starts with me” – will foster an environment of accountability and action? @HOWFoundationNG #SGLHOWMALARIADay #WorldMalariaDay

Q4a. Social Media has evolved so quickly is such a short generation of time. This means we are yet to form positive cultural habits. Before social media, if someone said #ZeroMalariaStartsWithMe we would ask where is the event holding. Now these hashtags end online

Q4a. Social Media has evolved so quickly is such a short generation of time. This means we are yet to form positive cultural habits. Before social media, if someone said #ZeroMalariaStartsWithMe we would ask where is the event holding. Now these hashtags end online

Q4c. A lot of people think if they can retweet to their hundreds of followers they have contributed to a cause. NO!

Q4d. Yes, you have raised awareness,but we need to ask ourselves what I can do to physically aid a cause, that is action and action leads to accountability and accountability leads to action. Many causes are not about your money, but presence. There is power in physical numbers.

Q5: What are the challenges @HOWFoundationNG has encountered so far in the fight against malaria in Nigeria? #SGLHOWMALARIADay #WorldMalariaDay

A5a. 1 challenge that no longer surprises us is suspicion from the people we are trying to help. Nigerians have been so abused, used and neglected that when you genuinely want to help them, they are very suspicious of your assistance

A5b. Another challenge is when you do help, people then believe our foundation has a giant bottomless pot of money and goodies hidden somewhere so people then expect more, our resources are limited and regulated.

Q6: The scourge of antimalaria drugs resistance has been on the increase recently. How does this affect the fight against malaria? And in what ways can we solve it? #SGLHOWMALARIADAY #WorldMalariaDay

A6a. Mosquitos are active at night. The mosquito nets are the most effective tools in the fight against malaria. If people can learn to use the nets properly, your chances of being bitten is very low to begin with so continual consumption of these drugs reduces.

A6b. Anti-malaria drugs are also the most counterfeited drugs in the Nigerian market, many people are consuming diluted or fake drugs which is very dangerous. Ensure your medicine is purchased from a trusted pharmacy and is NAFDAC approved. Still, Prevention is better than cure.

Q7: Do you think the level of malaria awareness and management in Nigeria is at its optimum? Despite the numerous campaigns seen in recent times. #SGLHOWMALARIADAY #WorldMalariaDay

A7a. When you put certain factors into consideration. 1. Malaria is still the leading cause of deaths in Nigeria. 2. it is the leading cause of lack of productivity in the work place 3. leading cause of infant mortality.

A7b. 4. Over 80 percent of the worlds Malaria-caused deaths are in sub-sahara Africa, highest in Nigeria. From the point of NGO's I do believe we are doing out best, government is trying with relations to controlling counterfeit drugs. But alot more can be done