The HOW Foundation 2nd Charity Soccer Match for Prostate Cancer Awareness.

Yes, October is officially Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, we were a bit late this year but it is better late than never! we had The HOW Foundation's 2nd 'Blue-State' Charity football match to raise awareness about prostate cancer in Nigeria on Saturday the 8th of December 2018. Information itself is also very much like a virus, but unlike cancer our "information virus" is going to save lives! 4 teams came together again at the Road 14 Pitch in Lekki along with their supporters to educate all male players on the importance of early detection we know the players and supporters were fully enlightened and we know they would help in spreading the word to fight against prostate cancer related-deaths. It was a very emotional game, same winners from last year, took the cup again

Some pictures from the game;