The HOW Foundation Invited to Makoko

Today, The HOW Foundation in partnership with a Non-Government Organisation called the "Spaydez Water Foundation", we paid a brief visit to the people at the Makoko Community in Lagos Nigeria. The collaboration was intended to compliment each other as water and malaria are connected, the mosquitos that carry malaria breed in stagnant and polluted waters.

The Spaydez Water Foundation was founded in South Africa in 2008 by Mrs Imade Ekewa (Formerly Igbinedion), her passion and belief has always been that clean water should be accessible to everyone, in her words,"Clean drinking water is a serious issue within the Makoko Community, we have been wanting to pay them a visit to really see the situation for ourselves, videos and pictures do not do the community justice in relation to the water situation", Imade has been directly or indirectly responsible for the erecting of numerous water boreholes and filters in various communities within her home town, in Benin City, it is hard to believe she is only in her mid 20's but her passion and drive are way beyond her years, he organisation focuses on raising funds to assist in the purchase of tools that aid in the supply of clean water.

Spaydez Water Foundation along with The HOW Foundation met with the Baale to discuss the water situation and possible solutions, we decided to take the opportunity to speak to the Baale about the malaria epidemic and how it has affected the community as a whole, we distributed hundreds of mosquito nets to the community and with the help of the SWF we were able to demonstrate the proper use of the mosquito nets. On the day, we all used the opportunity to film footage for an upcoming documentary sponsored by The HOW Foundation, the documentary is aimed at highlighting a few of the effects of malaria within communities such as Makoko, and the effects of unclean water supply to the community.