Day 2 of The HOW Foundation Be The Best Season 2

In a bit to reach more students this year, and to have them benefit from the scheme, The HOW Foundation paid a visit to the students at Aguda Grammar School, Surulere on the 2nd day of the "Be The Best Seminar Tour", with celebrity musician Orezi.

Many people asked us why we picked a musician, the truth is music has a huge influence on youth culture, it affects how the youth think, how they dress and how they function in society, we felt it was important to bring a popular representative of that culture to directly address the youth and tell them the truth, behind the glitz and the glamour is a lot of hard work, determination and consistency. Orezi himself explained to the kids how de-motivated he felt sometimes to complete his education, besides a few failures, he pulled through and has always remained grateful for his education, he believes the choice to go to school and strive to do well in school helped him avoid numerous obstacles he would have faced if he did not go to school

Olajide Olunoiki, Principal of Aguda Grammar school commended The How Foundation for their generosity and initiative. He noted that “When the foundation made known their intentions of donating items and motivating our students, I was surprised because I did not know that we still have individuals passionate about adding value to others voluntarily. So on behalf of myself and the entire staff of the school we say a big thank you to The How Foundation for bringing this opportunity our way’’.