Day 1 Of The HOW Foundation Be The Best Season 2

After the successful feedback from Last years be the best Seminar, we decided to take it up a notch slightly this year. This year, Guest speaker at the seminar was popular Nigerian musician, Esegine Allena.k.a Orezi who advised the students to make education the foundation on which they build their dreams because more often than not education serves as a springboard to an individual’s greatness.

“Personally I know this will mean a lot to them because I had a background like theirs and I cannot recall getting an opportunity like this. Perseverance is a major attribute they have to imbibe to be successful in life.” He said.According to Antonia Ally, COO of the How Foundation, “The seminar was borne out of the need to help young ones believe in themselves and encourage young Nigerians to embrace innovation and creativity within themselves. As a non-profit organisation, we are always elated when an opportunity arises to positively impact the society, this is more interesting because the leaders of tomorrow are involved ’’.

The first day was held at the Okesuna Secondary School at Lagos Island, besides the seminar, the foundation also parted with gifts for all the students as well as the school it's self, we believe if we are able to provide needed devises to the school such as computers, first aid kits and monitors, all the students in the school can benefit from them, and the students to come.