The HOW Foundation hosts Friendly Football for Prostate Cancer Awareness

September is globally recognised as Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and we decided to do just that, through out the month we had a series of online campaigns to help raise awareness about prostate cancer and to encourage people to get tested for early diagnosis, at the end of the month we hosted a friendly charity football match, the turn out was really good, it was a good medium to help bring light to the disease.The event which hosted 4 teams and their supporters held at Road 14 Football Pitch, Lekki, Lagos on Saturday, September 23, 2017.

The event kicked off at 4pm with a welcome speech by the CEO of The How Foundation, Ms. Antonia Ally, where she spoke to guests about the essence of the football match which was to create awareness for prostate cancer amongst men and the threat prostate cancer poses to families in Nigeria.

Fans of the various football teams were around to cheer and support their favourite. After a series of face-off on the pitch, Soccer Nation emerged the winner of the tournament and Melody was also announced as the highest goal scorer of the day.