The HOW Foundation Mentors GCGT kids before the finle

This years collaboration between The HOW Foundation and God's Children Great Talent (GCGT) was a match made in heaven.

The GCGT is a program started by The City Of David in 2010, their focus is on giving talented youth a platform where they can be coached to fine-tune their talents to international and professional standards but also an opportunity to show case it to the world.

In line with the foundations beliefs in diversifying job descriptions and encouraging new career path, the foundation partnered with the GCGT this year for what was a life changing and very mutually beneficial collaboration.

On the 25th of May, members of The HOW Foundation, Herbert, Antonia and some volunteers came seized an opportunity to motivate and encourage the finalists of the competition, the children selected were chosen after weeks of what was a very competitive selection from thousands of talented youths from all over Nigeria who came to audition, all in the hopes of winning the 2017 GCGT Competition.

On the day of the program Herbert took the chance to speak to the kids about his past of set-backs and disappointments but how passion, hardwork, consistency and determination all contributed in placing him in the position he is in today, he urged the kids to never give up and also told them, the journey never ends but it gets easier as they become stronger from experiences.

The foundation also had a guest speaker, Mr Emedith