The HOW Foundation: Give Malaria No Place, Omuademe

On Saturday the 18th of February, the foundation set off on it's second year of the "Give Malaria No Place" Initiative, In partnership with the "Doctor's Save a Life Hospital". Maintaining the theme of the first outreach done last year, the foundation reached out to thousands of individuals at a small town called Omuademe, not far from Isiokpo. Likely the news of last years experience in Isiokpo had spread, the turn out at Omuademe was just as positive. Like last year, the activities of the day involved; the distribution of LLIN's, malaria medicines and the use of Rapid Diagnostics Tests. People were lectured on the proper use of Malaria medicines, anti-mosquito nets and good personal and environmental habits that can reduce the risk of exposure to mosquito bites that lead to malaria. Malaria remains the number one killer in Nigeria, we believe that proper education can lead to the understanding and belief that malaria can be eradicated from West Africa.