The HOW Foundation Be The Best, Leadership and Motivational Seminar

The idea behind the "Be the Best" motivational seminar is simple, we want the children to be the best at whatever it is they want to be. with the current growth in demand for diversified job experiences, a growth in creativity, it is important that we encourage the young ones not to be afraid to think outside of the box and not to be afraid to embrace their talents and passions and possibly even depend on it to take them far in life.

The event was held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Lagos we had guest speaker, Joshua Ajitena, the founder Genero Living come and speak to the kids, he shares our view on youth motivation and noted that Nigeria is approaching the peak of its creative edge, however, the youths who are the leaders of tomorrow lack good platforms where these creativities and innovations could be adequately built and harnessed.

He said: “I deeply appreciate the innovative potentials of the young people of this great generation, they are extremely creative and have the drive and hunger to see an idea right from conception to execution, all they need is a good platform to ensure full utilization of these ideas.

The Founder, Dr Herbert Wigwe, and Director, Uche Wigwe were also in attendance, Herbert spoke on his passion to encourage job descriptions that were looked down on a decade ago, he is very positive that encouraging other forms of work such as art and music, removing gender-typical job and career allocations is the right step in moving Nigeria forward.