The HOW Foundation: Give Malaria No Place, Isiokpo

As part of The HOW Foundation's bid to assist in the elimination of Malaria within Nigeria and West Africa, The Founder headed to his home town of Isiokpo, River State on Saturday the 28th of May to mark the official launch of the organisation. He took this opportunity to guide the foundations activities involved in it "Give Malaria No Place", an operation made successful by the foundation's partnership with Dr Richard Okoye of "Save a Life Foundation".

Thousands of women, children and elderly citizens left their homes at met at the Foundation's gathering. The Founder explained the possibility of malaria eradication to the people, he also assisted with the distribution of LLIN's, malaria prevention medicines and educated the people on the proper use of the nets and good environmental and personal hygiene that helps deter the parasites carrying the disease.